PROMA is a proteome metadata annotator based on the OntoMaton tool. We have retained the original functionality of OntoMaton and added the ability to retrieve ontology and annotate the SDRF-Proteomics in Google Spreadsheet. Please check our privacy policy statement

Function Introduction

PROMA is powered by the EBI Ontology Lookup Service, which greatly improves the efficiency of completing SDRF-Proteomics files.

The current version of PROMA has the following features:

  • Insert a template: we provide 6 templates according to species classification, including cell-line, default, human, nonvertebrates, plants, and vertebrates. Note that each application of the template overwrites the first line of the current sheet.
  • Insert related parameters: we organised the searched ontology information into the form of key-value pairs, with four parameters in total: modification parameters, instrument, cleavage agent details and label.
  • Record: add a sheet named Record to record the parameter information searched and inserted.


To try PROMA, you first need to download all the files we provide with the suffix “.gs “and”.html “.

To add Script and HTML to the Script editor in Google Spreadsheet.

Select Template

If the properties of the first row have been correctly filled in, skip this step.

Select a template and click the “Apply” button. You should get the following results:

SDRF Annotation

We searched Ontology information through EBI Ontology Lookup Service, and sorted the label and obo_id in the returned information into the form of key-value pairs.When searching for modification parameters, we recommend modifying all parameters. To search for other types, just type NT or AC.

Click on the cell to specify the range, click on the “Insert” button in the search results, and you’ll get something like this:


When you insert, a ‘Record’ sheet will be added automatically. This sheet will have the following column headers: Parameter Type | Parameter Value | Term Name | Ontology Source | Term URI. This is how we record your inserts.

An example of a google spreadsheet with such functionality can be viewed here

Privacy statement and Terms of Use

Please check our Privacy policy statement and Terms of Use

Video Tutorials

  • Access the video tutorial showing how to install and use PROMA here.
  • How to annotate a TMT dataset using PROMA here
  • What is an MAGE-TAB proteomics and SDRF file format here


PROMA templates are here.


For bug reports, please use the issue page here.